How to remove and replace a showerhead and hose for a Mira Sport Max with Airboost

To Remove the Showerhead:


  • Ensure the shower is turned off 
  • Remove the showerhead from the holder 
  • Grasp the hose to ensure it remains stationary 
  • Unscrew the showerhead in an anti-clockwise motion to remove, taking care not to lose the hose washer - be aware a small amount of water may be present
  • Pull out the Air Pipe Diffuser from the showerhead (you can check the holes on the diffuser are free from scale at this point, clean if necessary).


To Remove the Hose (Once the Showerhead has been Removed):


  • Grasp the hose near to the point where it connects to the shower 
  • Place one hand on the shower itself to prevent it being moved if the hose is difficult to turn 
  • Unscrew the hose in an anti-clockwise motion to remove, taking care not to lose the hose washer  - once again being aware that there may be residual water inside the hose
  • Pull the Air Pipe Adaptor from the shower outlet
  • Pull the Air Pipe Adaptor from the Air Pipe then withdraw the Air Pipe from the hose
  • Inspect and replace the hose if necessary
  • Re-assemble parts in reverse order.  



  • When putting the air hose back into the shower unit, does the air hose push in or click in?

It pushes in and seals with an O ring around the air tube connector


  • How does the diffuser fit into the showerhead?

The diffuser inserts into the inlet of the handset, normally residing in the neck of the handset rather than going all the way into the head itself


  • Do you just push it in gently?

Yes - The diffuser slides into the neck of the handset with plenty of room to slide up - no force is necessary


  • If there is spluttering:

The shower always purges the airboost pump momentarily when it is switched on to clear any potential water from the pump. However, if you are concerned about continual spluttering it is best to check that the air tube is connected the shower end first, and then after refitting there, remove the handset and check that the diffuser is located in the neck of the handset.

Please note: The adaptor goes into the shower unit. The diffuser pushes up into the shower head.