Check out the Mira Opero Dual Shower, a masterpiece brought to you by Mira Showers. It has won two awards in 2021: the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award, being a lovely choice for modern bathrooms. Let's delve into the features that make the Mira Opero Dual an unparalleled addition to your bathroom.

A Symphony of Spray Modes

The Mira Opero Dual overhead showerhead has a harmonious blend of spray modes, to suit your needs: Rain, Eco, Task or Storm! Being 250mm wide, it is perfect for relaxation when you’re under it, especially when you pair it with the additional handset.

Elegance and Adaptability

The Mira Opero Dual offers more than just a normal showerhead – it offers an adjustable arm for customizable positioning. This means you can enjoy the overhead flow exactly where you want it. With this adaptable design, the Mira Opero Dual promises a perfect fit for every bathroom.

Innovative Mira HydroGlo™ Technology

The Opero has a unique feature using Mira HydroGlo™ technology, illuminating your showering experience. When your perfect temperature is reached, the controls glow for you. The best part? No electricity, batteries, or extra wiring are needed. It's a switched-on design that elevates your shower without complicating it.

Front-of-Tile Elegance

The aesthetics of your bathroom matter and the Mira Opero Dual understands that. Its ultra-sleek, flush valve design gives the illusion of being built-in, without the need for complex in-the-wall installations. It's a minimalist masterpiece that elevates the overall look of your space.

Universal Compatibility, Guaranteed Performance

Say goodbye to compatibility concerns. The Mira Opero Dual is designed to work with any system, at any pressure. Thanks to Mira Magni-flo™ technology, you're guaranteed a superior performance that transforms your showering experience.

Easy Control, Ultimate Safety

Navigate your perfect shower effortlessly with the Mira Opero Dual's super simple temperature dial and user-friendly push buttons. For an ultra-safe experience, the Mira Opero Dual has Mira CoolShield™ technology. This prevents any heat from transferring to exposed surfaces, ensuring that the shower is always safe to touch.

Discover the Mira Opero Dual! image 1 - Easy-to-use temperature dial on the front cover
Easy-to-use temperature dial on the front cover

Safety Specifications

The Mira Opero Dual goes the extra mile in ensuring your safety:

  • Automatic Shutdown: An efficient automatic shutdown is installed to stop water flow within 2 seconds of switching it off.
  • Factory Set Max Temp: The factory setting prioritizes your safety by maintaining a safe maximum temperature.
  • Personalized Temperature: Tailor your shower experience with an adjustable maximum temperature, making it perfect for your unique needs.

Colour Choices

The Mira Opero Dual offers you three colour options: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matt Black. Choose the one that complements your bathroom's aesthetic and adds an extra layer of elegance to your space.

Discover the Mira Opero Dual! image 2

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