Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and showers are no different. With digital shower popularity on the increase, we look at them and answer the most asked questions.

What are Digital Showers, how do they work, and why are they different to other showers?

The definitive difference between traditional showers and digital showers is the way they are controlled. A digital shower offers a wireless control unit, which can be mounted inside or outside of the enclosure. This means that you can turn on the shower, and choose the temperature and preferred flow rate of the shower without even having to stand under it. Most manufacturers have a Smartphone app or external remote for complete control from a distance. 

The mixer part of a digital shower works similarly to common mixer showers, connecting to supplies for hot and cold water. This mixer can be hidden out of sight - in the ceiling or behind a wall or in an airing cupboard, so that you have a tidy, simple and minimalist look.

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Digital Controller

The new style of digital controller replaces the standard bulky control handles. Having an LED display gives a modern look to your bathroom and makes everything easy to clean, rather than having to get into every crevice of a traditional shower.

A benefit of having a digital shower is that you have a live (and very accurate) display of your water temperature. With traditional mixer/bar mixer showers, we’ve all found ourselves having to twist the control knob inch by inch to get the temperature which feels right. Digital displays allow you to set the exact degree of temperature you like, which comes in handy when the whole family has different preferences. 


Many digital showers use Technology which enables the shower to be controlled from a Smartphone app. This feature is particularly practical in the colder months, as it means you can turn your shower on and get it to the correct temperature, all from the comfort of your own bed, either by using the app, or asking Alexa! This also means that there will be no more cold water shocks at the start of your shower!

The Mira Activate and Mira Mode ranges do exactly this. Some manufacturers even offer a voice control feature to go with it, with the Aqualisa Optic Q a popular example of this.

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Eco-friendly features

Most digital showers come with an ‘Eco’ feature. The Mira Platinum is a good example of a digital shower with this function. When the Eco setting is selected, the water flow is limited to half the flow normally produced, and the shower will stop automatically after 5 minutes. With the cost of living on everyone’s minds, this feature has been popular with money saving homeowners.

Installation & Maintenance

With just the three main components - shower head(s) and fittings, digital mixer unit and controller, digital showers are some of the easiest products to install. 

Digital showers can be used with gravity fed, mains water and combination boiler systems.

When a digital shower goes wrong, it is super easy to fix, as you can replace just the processor, so no fiddly repairs needed!


With all of these features, you are sure to find a digital shower that suits your needs!

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