With energy bills rising everyone is trying to save money anywhere they can. What if we told you that you could reduce your bills whilst you are showering, and practice using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage? 

Well, with an Eco shower head you can! Eco/water saving shower heads will reduce the amount of water you use in the shower by either regulating the flow or aerating the water. This will allow you to reduce the water coming out of your shower head by up to 85% whilst still having a pleasant shower experience. 

Below we give you our top 5 Eco shower heads..

Mira Nectar Eco showerhead - 1831.004

This Mira Nectar Eco Four Spray Showerhead is a brilliant purchase for any bathroom. Not only does it give your showering area a stylish twist but you’re also helping to save the planet! Cut down on your water bills and reduce your carbon footprint easily with this brilliant showerhead, allowing you to save up to 85% more water, all whilst receiving a powerful performance!.  

There is no need to worry about compatibility as this stunning showerhead is suitable for all mixer showers and can be installed no matter the water system, meaning you can install straight away onto your existing shower. It’s also super easy to install – no special tools are required.  The large 90mm spray face is complete with 4 stimulating spray modes, so you can achieve the perfect shower, every time.

Our Top Picks of Eco Shower Heads! image 1

Aqualisa Harmony 4 Spray Showerhead - 901501

This is our most expensive option out of the five. However, it is a standard shower head with the option of the Eco spray. Modern and lightweight, the Harmony adjustable shower head boasts a stylish and contemporary design with a glossy Chrome finish. This 90mm Shower Head boasts an impressive 4 spray patterns which can be easily selected using the easy click spray function. 

Choose from Inner, Outer, Middle and Eco spray modes. When the ‘Eco’ spray is selected, the shower head concentrates and angles the spray from its two outer rings. The result is a spray pattern that is refreshing and generous yet incredibly efficient in terms of water consumption.

Our Top Picks of Eco Shower Heads! image 2

Croydex Contour Maxi Four Function Showerhead - AM157641

Shower your bathroom with love by investing in this water saving shower head! Whether you are looking for a refreshing morning rinse or a relaxing evening steam, this shower head has got you covered with a choice of four spray patterns. Also fitted with an optional device that reduces water consumption by up to 50%, you can quite literally save whilst you soak! Finished in modern chrome plating, this efficient shower head is an absolute must have.

The four spray patterns for this shower head are Bubbling, Saturating, Massage and Saturating/Massage. If a shower pump is part of the shower mixer you will not be able to use the water saving regulator that is fitted to the shower head.

Our Top Picks of Eco Shower Heads! image 3

Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green 1 Spray Shower Head -28561000

The Crometta 85 Green hand shower with its chrome surfaces and smooth curve of its round shape is not only pure pleasure, but also reduces consumption: for careful handling of water with full showering comfort provided by a soothing bubbling spray type. 

Invisibly concealed within the shower, hansgrohe technology facilitates economical use of this precious commodity. A built-in water flow controller reduces the flow rate (at 3 bar) to an economical 5.7 l/min (EcoSmart). This reduces both the water consumption and the associated energy costs for heating the water.

Our Top Picks of Eco Shower Heads! image 4

And finally...

Croydex Aqua Air Keila One Function Shower Head - AM178241

Our cheapest one out of the top five. Don't be put off by that though! It is sleek and will suit any bathroom. Featuring a pioneering water saving device, this contemporary single function shower head offers you an indulgent showering experience with its water saving Aqua Air™ technology.

Aqua Air™ aerates water droplets, resulting in a softer, more volumized spray. Also fitted with an optional device that reduces water consumption by up to 50%, you can quite literally save whilst you soak! Finished in sleek chrome plating, this modern accessory is sure to sit beautifully in any bathroom. If the shower pump is part of the shower mixer then do not use the water saver regulator fitted to the shower head. 

Our Top Picks of Eco Shower Heads! image 5

We hope there's a shower head here to suit both your budget and style.

However, if you need any assistance in choosing the correct shower head for your requirements, please contact us