What if we told you that you could personalise your shower based on your mood, as well as how it looks in your bathroom?

With the Mira Activate you can remotely turn on your chosen preset and have it up to temperature before you’re even in the bathroom!

With the new Mira Activate range you can create your perfect shower experience with advanced connect features, including Mira App control and intuitive digital controller. Switch your shower on, set up personalised shower experiences and more...

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Whether you want a single or dual shower head, high pressure or pumped for gravity valve options and different mount options of either ceiling or rear fed, all configurations are covered.

So let's dive into some of the features of this shower range…

Mira Showers App - Your shower, in your hands.

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The new Mira Showers App connects to your Mira Activate - bringing more functionality and control - right to your fingertips. You can quickly access help and support, and even track your water usage.

Switch your shower on from the comfort of your bed. Create custom shower pre sets, combining your perfect temperature with your favourite sprays - and be ready to go at the touch of a button. It's the perfect companion for the perfect shower.

Intuitive Digital Controller - featuring a crystal clear modern display.

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Have complete control over your shower thanks to the intuitive Mira digital controller. It features a crystal-clear display which not only shows you the exact temperature and flow you’re receiving, but looks great fitted directly to your bathroom tiles for a truly minimalistic look. 

Make your shower unique to you with the interchangeable bezels on the controller. Choose from Brushed Nickel, Matt Black, Chrome or Titanium (must be purchased separately).

Dual Shower Head

With the option of the dual shower head, the overhead shower is a massive 250mm drench head for that torrential rain-fall experience. Combine with the hand shower and you really will have that spa shower you’ve always wanted. 

The hand shower has four unique spray modes - Saturate, Stimulate, Soothe and Soak. This shower head has been independently tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance making it suitable for users with sensitive skin.

Plug. Then Play 

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The Mira Activate digital mixing valve comes pre-assembled and pre-wired for a simple and quick installation. Plus, a standard UK three-pin plug for power so it really is plug and play. 

In With The New

Designed with the same fixings and fittings as the Aqualisa Quartz smart shower - so you can seamlessly upgrade your showering experience. Watch how easy it is to replace:

You can see the entire Mira Activate Range here.

Please contact us if you need any help choosing the shower for your requirements.