Gainsborough Showers - providing high quality showers at affordable prices. Following the launch of their new range of electric and mixer showers, we’ve checked them out…

With over 40 years experience in the UK shower market, Gainsborough Showers offers a range of high quality and reliable showers. As part of the highly reputable Aqualisa Group they continually develop their products to maintain their position as one of the UK’s leading shower manufacturers and a trusted shower brand.

First, lets check out the Electrics - the Slim Duo & Slim Mono range...

Offering exceptional value, yet with advanced functions and powerful operation, the new Gainsborough Duo & Mono’s are available as a single outlet option that works with all approved cold mains UK water systems. 

Gainsborough - New in 2022! image 1

This sleek, space-saving shower features three power settings and temperature control, plus eight multi-fit installation options for ultimate convenience.  The Duo collection shower head has a 3 spray function, whereas the Mono collection is a single spray function. Also the shower heads are rub clean to avoid the build-up of limescale.

With easy-to-use controls, the Gainsborough Slim Duo & Mono delivers an instantly hot and refreshing shower, with no demand on your stored water, and are the perfect, affordable solution for any bathroom or en-suite. This range comes in 3 different colours - Piano Black, Titanium Grey and White, and 3 different power ratings- 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW.

Gainsborough - New in 2022! image 2

Next - lets check out the new Mixer Showers range…

With options of either a dual outlet or single outlet showers this range covers all options.

The Dual Outlet showers have a simple lever operation at the base of the shower column diverts water to the generous fixed deluge head for an alternative drenching shower experience. 

The mixer valve is connected by a stainless steel hose to an adjustable handset that sits in a push button holder for variable height adjustment on a stainless steel rail. Thermostatic control gives the user assurance of safe and accurate temperature selection whatever shower outlet is being used.

The Cool Touch Technology also keeps the valve surface temperature safe in the event of any user contact. Suitable for all approved UK high pressure water systems operating between 1-5 bar pressure. All the shower heads have soft rub nozzles for easy cleaning. 

Gainsborough - New in 2022! image 3

The single outlet shower is a premium single outlet, bar type mixer shower connected by stainless steel hose to an adjustable, round handset with 3 spray patterns that sits in a push button holder for variable height adjustment on a stainless steel rail.

A forceful and refreshing shower experience is delivered from the single mode, rub clean handset that sits in a push button holder for variable height adjustment on a stainless steel rail.

The quality all-chrome finish on both the single and dual outlet, complete with 5 year parts and labour guarantee,  make these shower choices from Gainsborough flexible all-rounders that provide a family safety premium.

You can see the entire range of Gainsborough Showers here.

Please contact us if you need any help choosing the shower for your requirements.