Do you have poor flow to your tap, shower, toilet cistern or outside tap? We have the answer!

The Salamander TapBoost is an intelligent domestic inline clean water pump which has been developed to improve the flow to a single outlet/point of use (such as a tap, shower, toilet cistern) which is suffering from a poor natural flow. It offers a lower cost alternative to the existing mains booster pumps CombiBoost and Homeboost.

Suitable for use with mains water and tank fed water systems with water up to 65°C, this small but mighty booster pump packs a punch! The compact design enables it to be fitted into tight spaces, and the inline design makes installation easy. 

The Salamander TapBoost Single Outlet Booster Arrives! image 1


For TapBoost to operate, there must be a natural flow rate from the outlet of at least 1.2 litres per minute (lpm). The flow of a single outlet is then boosted to 7 – 11 litres per minute, depending on incoming flow. When natural flow rate is at 1.2 lpm TapBoost will increase the flow up to 7lpm (provided there are no restrictions in the pipework/outlet). If the natural flow rate is greater than 1.2 lpm TapBoost will increase your outlet flow rate up to a maximum of 11 lpm. Details of how to measure the natural flow rate from the outlet can be found here.

TapBoost is only suitable for for boosting single outlets. If you have multiple outlets suffering from poor natural flow, Salamander pumps have a range of products that are suitable that you can find here.

Please contact us if you need any help choosing the shower for your requirements.