Transform your bathroom into the world’s cleanest play area! The hand shower with cute animal themed heads will bring fun and games into bath time with the hansgrohe Jocolino.

hansgrohe have made something for water-shy children to get excited about. The hansgrohe Jocolino Children's Handshower. Create adventures with the googly eyed lion, zebra and crocodile, making bath time into play time.

For many children, bath time is no fun at all – and it’s no fun for parents either! The children’s shower head transforms the dreaded bath time into a happy time which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Check out the wild and amazing features:

  • Fun. The Jocolino children’s shower head is available in three popular animal designs: crocodile, zebra and lion. With googly eyes for even more fun.
  • Lightweight. Even little hands can perfectly hold the slim, ergonomic handle.
  • Gentle. Jocolino has two spray types that are easy to switch between with a twist of the insulated handle. The Rain spray is soft and soothing, while MonoRain can be used to rinse out shampoo more effectively so that it doesn’t get in the little one’s eyes.
  • Wildly relaxing, even for parents. No tears, no tantrums, just baths and showers with the sound of children’s laughter.
  • Safe. The children’s hand shower is Made in Germany in hansgrohe’s premium quality. The shower head is also easy to attach to and unscrew from the hose. 5 year guarantee.


It's about to get wild in the bathroom! image 1

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