Have the runners or wheels broken on your enclosure? We stock a range of rollers which are designed to fit enclosures from specific manufacturers.

Daryl Rollers

For more information on Daryl click here.

Ideal Standard Enclosure Spares 

Twyford Enclosure Spares 

Whilst it's possible these could fit an enclosure from another manufacturer, they have not been designed for this purpose so we cannot guarantee a compatible fit.

'Universal' rollers

We stock the popular Inventive Creations Uniwheel universal roller set. 

These are supplied with 25mm. 23mm and 19mm wheels, and can save the day when the make and model of your enclosure is unknown. 

Its unique patented design with maximum adjustment means it will fit many of the existing situations on hundreds of makes and models of shower enclosures. It is suitable for curved quadrant enclosures, corner entry enclosures, and straight sliding door enclosures. It will even fit as a top or bottom runner.

Refer to the video below for more information on how these work and whether they will fit your enclosure.

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