When purchasing an ERD shower (Exposed Rigid with Diverter), it's important to consider the distance between the pipe centres and the ceiling. There needs to be enough height clearance to allow for the rigid riser and overhead shower head to be installed. 

Often you'll need to choose a shower which is the right height for the space available, or reposition the incoming pipework to allow the space needed for the new showers length.

A showers dimensions can usually be found in the showers installation manual. We include this on the products listing, where possible.

On several Mira ERD showers, it is possible to shorten the overall height if needed. An alternative 'short version' of the lower bar can be fitted in place of the supplied one.

The showers below can have this short bar fitted:

Mira Agile ERD Thermostatic bar mixer shower with Diverter - chrome - up to Feb 19 

Mira Atom ERD bar mixer shower - Mk3

Mira Coda Pro ERD Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower With Diverter - Chrome

Mira Honesty ERD Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower with Diverter - Chrome

Mira Reflex ERD

Mira Relate ERD bar mixer shower

Mira Pronta Agile rigid riser shower fittings


Important note: There are two different part numbers for the short bar due to the design being changed by Mira. Depending on the batch your shower is from, some new showers may still have the old style bar. It is therefore important to visually match up the design of the ends to your existing pipe, as they are not interchangeable.

New style short bar - 135mm long

Old style short bar - 132mm long