When a part code is displayed on a products exploded diagram, but isn't available to purchase on our website, this can be for several reasons:

  •  It's not routinely kept on the shelf. We may need need to order this in for you on a special order, please get in touch with us and we can check availability for you. 

  • It could be obsolete. Production may have ceased by the manufacturer before we had an opportunity to to add it to our websites stock library. We may still have some archived documentation or product information in our system.

  • The part code may have changed since the diagram was created - especially if the shower is very old. Any suitable replacements are usually reflected in the spares list on the products page.

  • It could be a brand new product. Spares for new products are catalogued onto the website over time.

Have a product code not shown anywhere on our site? If it's from one of these major manufacturers, we can usually order the product in for you - as long as it is still in production.

Please get in touch with us here and we can advise you appropriately!