Does your home suffer from low water pressure?

You're not alone! In fact, low water pressure and flow is a common problem across the UK, but the Salamander HomeBoost pump will be able to help.

Are you looking to boost the flow from your incoming mains supply, and improve the performance of your taps, showers and baths?

At Salamander Pumps, they've been working hard to combat this issue, and have developed the Salamander HomeBoost mains water pump as a result. This intelligent pump legally boosts water flow across the whole house up to 12 litres per minute and pressure up to 1.5 bar.

So if you're experiencing poor water pressure or flow directly or indirectly via your combi boiler or pressure fed heating system, as many households do up and down the UK, then a HomeBoost pump is definitely the perfect low-cost solution you need.

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Attached directly to your existing mains water supply, the pump works by monitoring the water flow through the pump, only kicking into action when needed. If the water flow is already at 12 litres per minute or greater, the pump will stay in standby mode, meaning that pumped water flow will never exceed this rate, as per government regulations.

As a result, you can enjoy full flowing showers, a speedy bath fill, and improved effectiveness of your combi boiler.

Not only this, but operating at just 46dBA, the pump holds the recognised Quiet Mark accolade, an international award from the UK Noise Abatement Society. This reduced level of noise is quieter than an electric boiling kettle!

The pump is also nice and compact, fitting into those tight, out-of-the-way spaces in your home – much more so than some other competing pumps.

Why buy from National Shower Spares?

The Salamander HomeBoost Mains Water Pump comes with full WRAS approval and a 3 year Salamander manufacturer's guarantee. 

We offer same day dispatch when ordered before 3:30pm (Monday – Friday), with delivery within 48 hours.

You can see full product information on the HomeBoost here.

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A specialised HomeBoost fittings kit (CHBFIT01) is also available to purchase separately – this allows for improved installation efficiency and simplified servicing (if needed in the future). This also offers flexibility if you're unsure of the pipework size at the time of purchase. The pack contents include various washers, connectors and adapters ready-made for this particular pump.

Need any advice? Please don't hesitate to contact us, or for more in-depth technical assistance, Salamander themselves are also happy to help before purchasing from us at NSS.