Can't get spares for your existing shower rail kit? Need to replace an old tired Shower rail?

Replacing your shower rail is a relatively easy DIY job, which in most cases, will only require a tape measure and screwdriver. 

Try following a few simple steps below:

First, decide whether you require a Full Rail kit or a Basic rail kit.

Full kit: Includes the rail bar, brackets, shower head holder, as well as a new shower head and hose. Click here to see all of these

Basic kit: Includes the rail bar, brackets and a shower head holder.  Click here to see all of these.

(These are useful if you already have the shower head and hose. Note, if pairing up with a different brand hose from another kit, the snugness of the hose fitting in the head holder can vary due to variations in this taper between manufacturers).

To view our entire range of shower rail kits click here

Some rail kits also come with a soap dish or hose retaining rings included but these can be purchased separately:

Soap Dishes 

Hose Retaining Rings 

Getting the right size!

Once you have decided on the type of rail kit above, measure your fixing centres (in millimetres) with a tape measure as shown. Use the filters on the left of the webpage to select all of the options which span the length required. 

We stock a wide range of sizes so you should be able to find one to fit your requirements by doing this.

Occasionally though, due to the fixing centres on some rail kits being an uncommon size, you may need to drill another hole in the tile using a suitable tile drill bit, or fill in a hole in the tile.

If you still have any questions, please Contact us.