A shower hose is an essential part of your shower, they can be manufactured in a range of materials, colours & lengths.

Reasons for wanting to change or replace a shower hose could be various: 

The hose could be damaged in some way, such as internal collapse; it could be kinked, therefore restricting water flow; it could be leaking; or perhaps a change of length, style or colour is desired. 

For help fitting a shower hose see our article on this: Video: How to replace a shower hose

We stock a variety of hoses – including chrome, stainless steel, gold, and white varieties, from the standard 1.25m length to 2.00m.

Know the manufacturer?

Where possible, we always advise to replace your shower hose with the manufacturers original part, this is to maintain the intended performance and design of your shower and ensure it fits into the head holder correctly. We stock a huge range of hoses for most common showers. Do you need some help working out which shower you have?


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Hose Fittings

The standard thread size on a shower hose is 1/2" BSP on each end. 

Many shower hoses have 2 identical conical ends, but be careful as there is often a slight variation in the taper of the ends between manufacturers. 

This is most apparent with some Mira hoses, as the design has varied between slimmer and wider conical ends.


The taper size on a hose is rarely listed. This highlights the importance of choosing the correct hose if possible, as the wrong hose may not sit snug into shower head holder.

If replacing your hose with another manufacturers hose, you may want to pair it up with the head holder from the same range. This will ensure a snug fitting in the holder.

See our article on choosing a shower head holder here.

Under bath hose to head fittings

Another common type of hose you may find connects the shower head to the outlet underneath the bath. A generic example would be the SP310 manufactured by Ultra, this has a 3/8" female to 1/2" BSP connection. This also comes with a 3/8" male to 1/2 BSP female adaptor if needed.



Hose Washers

Hose washers allow a water-tight seal to be formed between the hose and shower head/outlet connections. The hose washers are usually made from rubber. 

New hoses will usually come with washers, but most manufacturers sell their own to purchase separately if needed. Universal 1/2" hose washers by Inventive Creations can be found here.

Does your rail kit need replacing? 

Perhaps the rest of your rail kit is worn too, or you want to update the look? 

Sometimes you may need to replace the full shower rail kit. If you are unable to find a suitable hose and holder, buying a new rail kit can be a sensible option. This ensures compatibility as the hose, holder and rail will be part of the same set.

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