Not sure exactly what you need or how to find it? 

Method 1

Do you have a part or product code, or a general idea of what you need? 


Search our entire website using product codes or keywords! Use our powerful 'search over 10,000 products' search box at the top of the website.

Do you know the manufacturer or model? Perhaps there is a brand written on the handles, body or casing?

Why not have a look through models using our spares finder tool: Shower Spares Finder

You can also choose the manufacturer here and have a browse through the model we have listed.

Tip: hovering over this icon will show an exploded view of the showers parts for quick comparison) 


Method 2

Visually identifying your shower/part when you're unsure of the manufacturer.

Frequently there are no identifying model numbers or part codes on showers and their parts. This can make them a little tricky to find!

Mixer (concealed/exposed) and bar mixer showers

1. We stock a large range of the most common shower control knobs and handles. Try to visually match your shower here.

2. Once you have found yours, click 'this product fits' on the product page, you can then identify your shower from the list and see all of the available parts for the shower!

 Most of the time you should be able to recognise your showers control knob/handle. Occasionally, designs from major manufacturers have been copied and may look similar but if your shower is a copy it will likely not fit, so look for subtle differences in design.

Note: If looking for a control knob or handle for your shower, it's important to get the correct one. Due to slight variations in spline sizes and other components, control knobs are designed to specifically fit the shower valve they were designed for. It's often not possible to get universal parts.

Electric showers

Have an electric shower or power shower? 

1: See if you can spot yours from the front cover here

2: Once you have found yours, click 'this product fits' on the product page, you can then identify your shower from the list and see all of the available parts for the shower! 

Do you have a Mira electric or power shower?

You'll notice the model name on the front of the shower, for example, Mira 'Sport'. There can be many versions of the same same shower range over the years. There are at least 15 variants of the Mira Sport since Mira's first model in 1992.  

Why not try typing the 'J' model code into the main search box on our website? This can be found on the shower label located on the casing.

Need a new thermal cut out switch (TCO)? 

Use the search box on our website to search the sticker colour on the switch! e.g 'yellow thermal switch'. 

Or, try searching for the first code located on the top of the switch.

Found a part and want to see which product it fits?

Click the gear cogs on the product page for a list of what we know this will fit.

Method 3

Still can't identify your shower or find the part? Can't find it listed on our website?

Lots of our customers need a little help or expert guidance from our hugely experienced team. There are not many questions they haven't heard before!

We realise that our customers don't think about spares every day – but we do, so tell us what you're looking for.

Simply contact us using the 'Help/Advice' button in the bottom right corner of the website. You can upload photos of your product or part and we'll do the rest to identify what you've got.


We'll aim to reply to you within 2 business days, although our average response time is less than 4 hours.

Please provide us with as much information as possible as this will speed things up for you.

If a cartridge is needed, we occasionally require an image of the control knobs/handles removed from the shower, showing the cartridges in situ. Ideally with any shrouds, stop rings and nylon spline adapters removed.

We can often identify the cartridge from just the front of the shower controls, or by seeing the top of the cartridge with the handles removed. 

However, due to the large range of shower designs, we sometimes ask for cartridges to be removed fully from the valve - we will only ask this if necessary and will let you know if this is required in our reply. Of course if you already have the cartridge removed, please feel free to upload a clear photo of this too.

The more detail you can provide, the faster we can identify the shower or part.

An example of the SC50-T20 cartridge removed from the above (pictured) valve.

Spares no longer available? Unable to get an identification on your shower after contacting us? Click here for a guide to choosing a replacement shower.