Have you ever stopped to think how clean your shower head really is?

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Considering you obviously have a shower to get clean, have you stopped to think how clean your shower head actually is?


You may not give it any thought, but mineral (limescale) deposits and organic matter build up over time and block the spray plate holes, preventing a smooth flow of water out of the shower head.


You often only notice this when you start to get problems with your shower such as reduced flow or temperature problems. (See our other articles on common problems with mixer showers and common problems with electric showers.)


Not only does this have an adverse effect on the efficiency of your shower, it's disturbing to realise that there are also health implications too! Being a hot, steamy environment, shower heads are the perfect breeding ground for mould, bacteria and other germs, especially if they are prevented from being flushed out by blocked shower heads.


Experts advise that you should give your shower head a thorough cleaning at least once a month, but regular weekly cleanings are the key in preventing limescale build up in the first place.


You should clean with a product especially designed for the job. We wouldn't recommend bleach, as scientists have found that using a bleach solution increased certain bacteria in shower heads by at least three times! Most commercial chemical-based products will almost certainly damage your shower head over time, too.


You can either use a 50/50 ratio of water and vinegar, and soak the shower head for a couple of hours, or one of the specialist descalers we can supply. A great value descaling agent is the Kilrock descaler agent.


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