Damage to a shower hose normally means it has to be replaced entirely. In this article, we show exactly how to do this.


Reasons for wanting to change or replace a shower hose could be various: the hose could be damaged in some way, such as internal collapse; it could be kinked, therefore restricting water flow; it could be leaking; or perhaps a change of length, style or colour is desired.


Whatever the reason, we've recorded a video to demonstrate how simple the replacement process is:



For help choosing a shower hose, see our article: Choosing a suitable shower hose.


From our video, general instructions are as follows:



  1. Before starting, it might be prudent to cover up the plug holes of your bath or shower tray, to avoid losing any hose washers later on in the process.
  2. Locate the ends of the hose (attached to the shower body and the shower head) and unscrew. These should only be hand-tight, but if required, use a pair of pliers and a cloth to gently loosen the ends. A build-up of limescale might warrant slightly extra force being applied.
  3. If intact or desired, remove the black rubber washers from inside each end of the hose.
  4. Ensure that the new shower hose has washers inside each end. If not, re-use the washers from the old hose that was just removed, if suitable.
  5. Hand-tighten the ends of the new hose onto the corresponding shower head and shower valve. Be aware that for some hose designs, the ends may be conical or nut-shaped, which then may only fit a certain way round. Some conical ends are also wider than others, which can indicate the correct orientation for fitting on to a shower head holder.
  6. Turn on the shower to ensure that no water leaks from either end of the hose.        


Damage to your shower hose (through internal collapse, kinking, stretching, or leaking) can be the root cause of other issues, for instance the shower only running hot or cold, or a noticeably reduced water flow rate out of the shower head. In such scenarios, a hose replacement is the only solution.


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